In 2018, our founder Nikos went on a personal journey of self-discovery.  Faced with divorce, living across two countries, and handling the demands of a high-pressure job at Booking.com, he searched for ways to be a better partner and father to his daughter.  Therapy helped, but not enough and Nikos continued to search for answers.  In an era of quick communication via messaging apps, social media, and unreliable advice from numerous sources across the internet, Nikos realized that there needed to be a better way.  There needed to be a resource, and a safe place to find perspective on relationships and relationship building - something that had become a lost art in today’s world.

While he and his wife decided to end their marriage, they both realized that they could find balance with each other and better balance in their relationships more broadly.  With the help of his childhood friend, a clinical psychologist, Nikos discovered an entire world of couples therapy and relationship counseling that had been altogether unavailable to those who did not yet feel the need to take this path.  He wondered why.  Why should we have to attend counseling to benefit from the insights and techniques that ultimately can help us before it gets to the point that we need counseling or therapy?  Why not make it accessible for everyone, why not help people find a way to work on relationships in a preventative way - much like diet and exercise help us prevent needing to see a doctor on a regular basis?

With this question and armed with a desire to help as many people as possible benefit from the insights he gained, Balanced was formed.  We have spent nearly 2 years developing the courses and insights needed to help individuals in any relationship get a new perspective on the topics that matter to us most.  We have created engaging content, science-backed insights and we provide you with a way to work on your relationship in a step-by-step approach.  So, join us and start working on being a better partner in your relationship.  The path to happier relationships starts with balance, and at Balanced we help you take each step of the journey.

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Balanced Family UG, Chodowieckistraße 7, 10405 Berlin

Balanced Family UG, Chodowieckistraße 7, 10405 Berlin

Balanced Family UG, Chodowieckistraße 7, 10405 Berlin